Friday, March 16, 2007

Chinese;IKEA & a bit of spice

My specialty. Chinese chicken with vegetables and sweet&sour sauce. <3 Even though I'm a vegetarian, I rarely make an exception and taste this great meal. Most of my friends love it too. By the way, I really love to cook; it's a great way to flea from every-day problems while staying creative. Cooking is all about imagination. You mix this and that, add a few herbs and let spices and tastes melt and merge. Lovely!

Hmm..I want to save money so when I move out [hopefully soon] I will be able to buy new furniture from IKEA; I love this place! Especially the couch-beds and the kitchen tables,hehe^^ I'd love to live in a small, urbanish appartment downtown. I prefer it to the mountainy suburbs where I live right now. I'm more of a city boy.

I've realised that Ashlee Simpson is probably totally talentless. =O I have to admit that I love "Autobiography",the album, but when it comes to music talent and performance, she always seems to screw things up. Plus, she had this terrible nose job that made her look like your average hollywood starlet.

I've been reading a book these days, "The boy in the striped pyjamas". It's really good, and kinda touching. It describes a part of the World War 2 through the eyes of a child; a 9 year old boy, named Bruno. For more info tap here

I'm about to go to starbucks for a coffee. Been kind of tired these days, due to excessive staying up and a total lack of sleep and schedule. We have student strikes, so we haven't had classes since november. It's horrible. I need to get back in schedule and feel how it is to LIVE again, lol. But, on the other hand, I guess strikes are being done for a reason..

I'm off, either to bed or to starbucks. I will post again soon <3

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