Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Where is the love?

Its been a while since I last posted here. Been here and there, my laptop is crashed, my life is getting better.
I decided to add a walk to my daily routine. Its good for my body and much better for my spirit. I get the chance to think..of myself, my problems, my life, my attitude, my parents.
This semester I thought I should put some effort on my studies. I've neglected it for a whole year. Its time for my comeback.^^
I seriously love my friends. I love everyone I can share things with. My problem is that when someone comes really close to me and wants to help me. Then I try to push him aside. =/ I dunno why. Or maybe i know...maybe I simply dont want to be saved. Sometimes I feel like I dont deserve to. Blaming me for all these years won't go away that easily.
I think Im really really romantic. I would wait for the right person to come; dedicate songs on the phone; give flowers xD. I wanna fly away..with the one I love. with the one I dream of. and never come back.
Sometimes I dont put much effort on my friendships. I would love to have a best friend. But I dont..meaning someone that you can tell anything and have a brother-relationship. I love some of my friends, but we dont have that kind of relationship. And my Telly is far far away. Although he's always in my <3.
I wanna share love. Come and get me. Hurry up!