Thursday, October 5, 2006

bad day : / was supposed to be a great day..i had planned to go shopping with my friend Eva at syntagma (Athens downtown). Our meet up was scheduled for 12. Then Eva called me and told me that last night she was drunk and blah blah blah and in other words that she couldnt come. I was sad and dissapointed because I had rescheduled my whole day for it. But ok i thought this could happen to I wasnt that mad or anything..

I called my friend John, and asked him to come for a coffee at syntagma. I didn't want to go back home that early. He accepted. I would have to wait for him for about 45 mins so I decided to check out some shops and take a walk. Then I realised that this day, several strikes were scheduled, by teachers and students. The noise, the dirt and the traffic was unbelievable. :/ I dont really love the city anyways. Athens is very polluted and overcrowded.

Anyway, after about 1 hour, and my friend John being kinda late, I ran into my friend Aggela, right outside McDonald's. I hadn't seen her in ages..We had planned over the summer that after the exams of september (we are in the same school) we would start working together, in Altec telecomms. Then Aggela told me that yesterday she signed up for another job with 2 friends of her. I was completely shocked. I felt so bad. :/ kinda used.. All my plans for my job were ruined in a minute.

Then my friend John came, and we decided to walk and talk. We went to starbucks for a frappucino. It was propably the best moment of this bad day. We walked and walked and I ran into a drug user that I knew from another bad experience (he had asked for some of my money some days ago, and I refused.. then he tried to punch me and etc).He was asking for money once again..of course I refused. But I was scared.

Later we walked a bit more and then we had lunch at Goody's. It was so hot..I was sweating all over, my hair was messy with yesterday's gel and I felt so bad.. :/At the end of the skyline I found myself at home, having tons of homework for tomorrow, being dirty and so not cheerful about what happened.. I guess everything that happens, happens for a reason. I may just had a bad day..