Tuesday, September 26, 2006

hello ^_^

guys. friends. boys and girls.
I finally decided to start posting and blogging my news and anything that's up on my mind here. :)
Its September, teh weather is getting cold, and it seems like soon I will have to reschudule my everyday life. I wanna start jogging soon, and do some sit ups (Beccz, looks like im gonna follow your advice ^^). School is starting soon, its gonna be hard and somehow not that interesting. I miss some of my old friends. I also miss my high school life. lol, yeh I know it sounds kind of stupid, but I was used to this way of life.school,friends,fun. Now, all im doing is sleep, and talk to my parents. blaaah.
I need to get a job soon. Get money and be more independent. Im gonna go search for a job, as soon as my exams end.
Im bored now. I dont know what to do. Im not really in the mood for homework, although i should put some effort in it, to replace this past year. I also need to have a haicut soon.lol.
Today, Im gonna meet up with a net friend, John. Aris, Eva and propably Bagel are gonna be there too. I've missed them. hehe. We're going to starbucks in Omonoia.
Athens is a weird city. People can be wonderful and smiling, but yet whiny, arrogant and in a total bad-greek mood. That's lame sometimes. I guess I shouldnt care that much about Athenians.
I hope the weather gets cold cold and snow comes here soon. Its so soothing. I love going out there with my friends when it snows.
My friend Vasso, is propably come back from Lesvos where she studies, today. Im happy about this. Ive missed her. =]
I saw a dream two days ago. It was weird. I was with my friend Billie and Gardenia. We were magicians! It was cool. Me and Gardenia were flying over a hotel, looking like Hogward's, and it felt so nice. =]
Telly and Rebecca are two of the people on this earth that I love and always will. May they be by my side forever. Love you guys.
I think Im gonna take off now. Do something more interesting.
bb.thanx for reading this.