Monday, February 19, 2007

change your mind;

not always easy; changing your mind, your whole perception of things, the way you react under different circumstances. You seek love; you get love; you get sick of love and you finally realise that many people will love you but really few will make you part of their soul. That's what I've been looking for years; everywhere. And when I found something, someone that reached the top of my heart, I fell down on my knees when I realised that distance is something you simply can't ignore in this world of ours. I can surely say that I prefer geographical distance to emotional distance. There have been many times that I've felt completely alone while being among friends; that's why I've realised that mental contact is so much harder to achieve than physical contact.

Changing subject..I can't explain why I'm so attracted by urban landscapes and the urban environment in general. I can stand there, staring at highway roads, buildings, bus stops, graffiti artworks, baggy pants and buses. Urban art though is what I'm mostly fascinated by. I can spend hours searching for artworks in Deviantart []. I love this site. <3

Today, we are supposed to celebrate. It's a greek custom. Oh, all I can say is that I'm disgusted by social stupidities. When's something's rotten, you can't make it shine.
I'm gonna finish this with one of my favourite lyrics:
"Tell me why are we so blind to see that the ones we hurt are you and me."